Posted on Feb 28, 2020

Council of Ex Muslims Singapore

Rambling thoughts.....

Faizullah F M remarked “It's OK to learn but I'd like to say that I absolutely hate Islam 100%, and the other religions too.’ From my encounter, there’s many like him too. They really hate Islam and everything associated with it. Thus you see some of them rather upset when I start posting Islamic stuff in our FB page, what more I just congratulated the MUFTI of Singapore.

There are so much anger and hate, and as I see only time can help to heal whatever pain they’ve felt

The sentiment of Faizulah reminded me of an old article I wrote some time back at Warung Atheist. It goes as like this :

I used to have this marathon session with an Islamist.. either in the group or in private chat lines. They tried very hard to convince me to "come back to the right path” and when they’re not successful, they will end their session with “Allah has close the door to your heart”

Such parting words makes me wonder sometimes.

[1] if Allah has closed the door of my heart.. from the beginning.. what are you trying to prove? To open what has been closed by Allah? By doing that are you not going against the will of Allah?

[2] As I see it, this is their way of excusing themselves in a very subtle way when they have failed, by washing their hands off.. and blaming Allah instead.

And this whole notion of "the closing of the door of our heart".. makes me think. I like to explore this a little bit.
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