Posted on Jan 19, 2020

Council of Ex Muslims Singapore

From our email, the latest with regards to the renunciation process.

Hi Norsham, It went very smoothly and I am very heartened and impressed by the level of empathy and professionalism of MUIS. My fears were unwarranted. My advice to anyone undertaking this would be:
Go early to avoid a Q, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous. If you can’t bypass security at ground level, tell the guard that you need to talk to an officer about a confidential matter (The security staff is super kind and nice, so nothing to worry about). You will then head straight to level 2. Get a Q ticket under “religious query”.
When I told the counter staff I was here to submit my SD, she very kindly told me I needed an appointment but she will get the officer to see me soonest if available.
I waited for about five minutes. The officer came out and handled the matter discreetly and very objectively in a room. You fill in a form to state your reason. Everything is over in about half an hour with zero fuss.
You’ll walk away with an official letter that you’ve renounced. My SD cost 25$. I went through Jeannette Aruldoss from Robert Wang & Woo LLP @ Suntec. She was extremely amiable. I would recommend her.
Much thanks and I wish anyone as smooth a process.
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